SuperBorgs Design Studio

Superborgs Design Studio LTD was created in 2018 in Bulgaria by the leading graphic designer Tsocho Tsochev. Since then the studio and its team is growing very fast. Right now we can offer our clients a vast amount of services and we are ready to accept even the most challenging projects.

Our team has a variety of skills such as Graphic Design, Web Design, UI Design, Video Design, and many more. We are a passionate team, that is always excited to start and finish different tasks, the most important thing to us is to satisfy the needs of our clients!

We aim to be one of the best, that's why every person on our team is a certified and proven specialist or expert.

In our studio, we work with many different companies, but at the same time, we love to work with individuals like Influencers or Freelancers. For us, every project is equally important and we are always giving the maximum we can give, in order to achieve great and satisfying results for the customers.

Recently we also started working with new technologies such as AI Prompt design, which is one of the things that we believe will change the future of the design. Each day many more people are asking for this kind of project and work, that's why we always try to stay up to date, with the new features.

If you want us to work or collaborate with you, do not hesitate to contact us on our official mail or mobile.

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